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In the on-going
effort to serve you better

We will be grateful if you can observe the gratuity for the tourism sector.
There is no ‘hard and fast’ rule to this but just serving as a general guideline

A) Tour Guide 
– Tour Guide to receive RM 25.00 (or USD 7.00) per day from every guests

B) Driver
– Driver to receive RM 10.00 (or USD 3.00) per day per from every guests

C) Caddies
– Each caddie to receive minimum of RM 50.00 (or USD 15.00) for 18 holes game

D) Waiters & Waitresses club house/restaurants/pubs/clubs
– Staff to receive approx RM 10.00 (or USD 3.00)

E) Door man & Concierge 
– Staff to receive approx RM5.00 (or USD 2.00)