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"30 Years of Experience in the Industry"


Established in 1976, Liberty Travel has over 30 years of experience in the industry. In the early years, we started off as an outbound agency, offering airline tickets at reasonable prices to holiday-goers seeking to travel overseas. Liberty Travel then introduced hotel reservations into its portfolio, providing corporate clients with a platform to both book their flights and accommodations with ease.


In 2001, the agency expanded into golfing industry. As our key management were avid golfers themselves, we began a thorough search for key partners in tour services and golf resorts to promote Malaysia as an ideal golfing destination to both local and foreign golfers. Within 9 months, Liberty Travel successfully began trading golf tour packages to the Malaysian market.


In an effort to expand beyond golf tour packages, Liberty Travel decided to penetrate the local golfing scene even further by moving into overseas corporate golf tournaments and golfing events. A separate golf division under the brand of Liberty Golf Services was introduced in 2009, offering corporate travel, golf merchandise, events organising, sponsorships, events promotions and many more.


We have established strong partnerships with business partners ranging from golf retailers, golf courses, airlines, hotels, and many more around the world and currently offer golf tour packages for both inbound and outbound travel. In an effort to promote golf tourism with Malaysia and across the globe, Liberty Golf Services will continue to keep abreast with the emerging and evolving standards of golf tourism around the world.


The agency revitalised IAGTO (International Association of Golf Tour Operators) and its presence in Malaysia and South East Asia. This global golf tourism trading company has over 1,600 accredited golf tour operators and will promote and brand Malaysia as Asia’s premier golfing hub, with our coordination.


We are pleased that with the support of the Malaysian government, we are able to strengthen ties and forge new golf business relationships. Our agency has a critical role to play; not only by coordinating tourists board to heighten commitments to golf tourists arrivals but also to ensure the quality of service rendered by all parties remain top-notched.


2010 is a memorable year as we’ve been appointed partners of IMG Academies in Malaysia, the world’s largest and most renowned sports marketing company. The goal of this partnership is to promote the state of the art facilities offered by IMG around the world for the golf learning fraternity.


Liberty Golf Services will continue to grow in the coming years, as we strive to keep Malaysia as the destination for golfing in Asia. We will endeavour to deliver high quality services to our clients and partners, both local and abroad. The spotlight will be on Malaysia with inaugurals PGA and LPGA to showcase the country, and we at Liberty Golf Services are glad to be a part of it.






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